Your very Personal and Intense Disney Ask:
Aurora: Story of your first kiss Rapunzel: 5 things from your bucket list Dory: Something someone has told you that you can't forget (two good things and one bad) Pocahontas: Something new you taught someone. Mulan: Do you trust your gut feeling? What happened. Jasmine: The story of when you had to really trust someone. Was it easy? Belle: Is there someone you are close to who no one else likes? What's the story? Ariel: Where do you think you belong, and why? Flounder: Something that surprised you and frightened you. Eric: Have you ever helped a stranger? What happened. Aladdin: A sacrifice you made for someone. Tiana: A time you tried the hardest for something. Boo: A childhood hero. Cruella: Something you really want but you aren't allowed to have. Seven Dwarfs: 7 things you like in the people around you. Kronk: What you are best at in the kitchen? Simba: Something a parent has taught you. Cinderella: "A dream is a wish your heart makes" What's that for you? Nemo: Your bravest moment. Terk: Are you a big brother/sister figure to anyone? Buzz: Your favourite fantasy world (aka Harry Potter, Star Wars), if any. Alice: Done drugs? Peter Pan: Something from your childhood that you still love. Merida: What are you most passionate about?


im such a sarcastic bitch it’s beautiful


Real Friends // Floorboards


i want to look like an arctic monkeys song





just remembering the shows thats are coming back this october omg
the excitement is too much


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